Monthly Archives: March 2015

One Journey Ends and Another Begins

Spring has finally arrived, although it is difficult to tell as a layer of fine icing sugar snow fills the air and clusters on the deck outside my patio doors.  It has been a whirlwind of a week now that my book is finally published. Appropriately, I think, the official publication date was on the last day of winter.  I started self-publishing at the beginning of December and what a journey it has been!  Like waiting for spring, it took several weeks longer and was more blustery than I initially Read more [...]

Indie Author with a Day Job

There are several benefits to being a writer with a day job. At least, that’s what I remind myself when my regular work gets hectic and my writing is pushed to the bottom of the list.  Unfortunately, the thing I am most passionate about is often set aside for career and family life considerations, leaving me frustrated at my inability get words on the page as regularly as I’d like.  That’s when I have to remind myself of the reasons why having a day job while being an indie author has Read more [...]

A Community of Writers

It’s been a long winter. Record low temperatures in Northern Ontario gripped us early and just wouldn’t let go. Biting cold days followed by dark nights left me huddled inside seeking warmth.  Despite my good intentions and a fairly well-established routine, extended illness, family issues, and the pressures of work smothered my writing goals like the thick layer of snow covering my summer garden. I was having trouble shovelling past all of the excuses to just sit down and write. Last week, Read more [...]