Dusting Off the Cobwebs


Looking back at some of my old posts I realize that much of my thinking is connected to the changing seasons. Am I so influenced by the barometer, temperature, and precipitation? Does it really matter whether the colour scheme outside my sliding door is shades of white or tints of green? Apparently, I am and it does.

I don’t think I’m alone, either. Many of us get a sudden urge in the spring to clean and sweep every nook and cranny of our homes or ravage our closets to rid ourselves of the old black and grey uniforms of winter for a more pleasing palette.

Perhaps that’s why I had a sudden urge to revamp my little website this week. Something about the final bits of snow melting beneath the solitary pine hovering over my front garden renews me. It was time to dust away the cobwebs of my online space and let in some air. I needed to declutter, rearrange, and refresh.

The photograph on the header was taken at Fielding Park a few summers ago as we meandered down the trail through the park, over the boardwalk surrounded by marshland, past the ducks splashing in the lake, and up the rocky outcrop until we had a view of Sudbury like no other.

This grove of birch trees always reminds me of my favourite places both at home in Northern Ontario and farther afield in my ancestral Finland. I can feel the warmth of summer even as I post. And oh, how I love a rambling path filled with delights and surprises.

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