Fresh Page

book loveI’m not generally one for making resolutions, but a new year brings with it the kind of first day of school anticipation I have before classes resume every September. It just feels natural to make plans and goals at this time of year.  Although I don’t really call them resolutions, I certainly have some specific things I want to accomplish, and saying them aloud, or writing them down and sharing them with others, makes me feel more accountable. I suppose that’s the first step to ensuring my dreams move from ethereal ideas in the clouds to concrete reality.

Last year, I was thrilled to see my non-fiction book published in September and grateful for the positive comments I received. So many readers took time to contact me about how they were personally moved by my father’s story. It’s this kind of reaction that makes years of writing so worth the effort. Meeting readers at various book events, including the Latitude 46 book launch, One Sky, Sudbury Art Crawl, Canadian Federation of University Women’s meeting, and other events gave me an opportunity to get to know my fellow authors and meet so many lovely individuals interested in what northern writers have to offer. For all of you who were able to attend an event or two, thank you so much. You can’t possibly know how encouraged I am by your show of support.

As for 2018, this blank page spread out before me, I’ve started scribbling in the margins about what’s next. I’m looking forward to more author events, including Word Up! in Barrie in February. Sending out some poetry for possible publication was a great way to step out of the old year and into the new, while stepping out of my comfort zone. Meeting with one of my beta readers about my novel-in-progress was just the inspiration I needed as I work toward the completion of my historical fiction piece, a novel I am determined to finish this year. I’ve already started preliminary planning and research for my next novel and I recently signed up for a mystery writing course to jump start my creative juices in this new genre. The stack of mysteries on my bedside table gives me a great excuse to read even more this year. It’s research, don’t you know?

One might call these resolutions, but it’s more of a commitment to the plans I have set in motion. I know that by the end of the year, the blank page will be filled with so many other things I can’t yet imagine, but for now having a sense of a beginning is all I need.

Here’s to the blank page and all the possibilities it offers.

Happy New Year!