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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. kovalal Post author

    Hello Jim,
    Thank you for your kind words. I will pass on your message to my parents. It means so much to my father that his story was told and readers like you are responding so positively. Writing the book was an emotional and powerful journey for both of us.
    All the best to you and yours,

  2. Jim Matson


    My sister Shirley Kangas gave me a signed copy of your work “The Day Soon Dawns”, and I read it from cover to cover on the way back to Vancouver last wk end. I must say how impressed I was with your writing and to hear of the experiences of your dad during the war, it was somewhat overwhelming. It is very difficult to imagine the cruelty and savagery that takes place during war, however, your writing clearly demonstrated the courage and strong heart your father had to withstand and survive through it all. I recall meeting your family a few times in the early years when Shirley and Aulis lived on Ester Road. Also, my grandfather and grandmother (Laakso) lived in Wanup and we visited them on their farm many times when I was a youngster.
    Thanks again for exposing us to your dad’s life experiences during the war, and reminding us that war brings out the worst and the best in the human condition.
    Jim Matson

  3. kovalal Post author

    Thank you, Kyosti! I will pass on your greetings to my father who will be so pleased you took the time to read his story. Kiitos!
    Best wishes.

  4. Kyösti Siitonen

    Hello Liisa!
    You have done valuable work. In the summer Juhani brought me a book with a Aarne’s autograph, it was a touching moment because I had the honor to meet Mr. Aarne in Juhani Keikis birthday party2003. We discussed with the Aarne and he told his story. I appreciated the event very high. Respect Greetings to Aarne. Regards Kyösti Siitonen

  5. kovalal Post author

    Hello Lyne and Paul,

    Thank you! I’m so encouraged to read your comments about my father’s story. It certainly has been a labour of love.
    My mom has many stories about growing up Finnish in Wanup. It’s been fun to learn about the history of that community.
    Thanks again. All the best!

  6. Lyne Giroux

    My husband (paul lefebvre) and I just read your book

    Amazing…what a legacy you have left for your family. Kiitos for sharing it, what an inspiration.

    I grew up in wanup and am looking forward to reading your short storyon the 1930’s family. I often wondered about them as we used to explore abandonned farmhouses as kids. I am not finnish but took lessons when I was 12 with Mr. Lehto for one winter. It was only a taste of the culture.

    Last yr I went to Finland for my daughter’s hockey and was struck by how much it reminded me of Sudbury.

    Again thanks, job well done.

  7. kovalal Post author

    Thanks, Debb! Looking forward to learning more about the campers’ Facebook group.

  8. Debb

    Hi Liisa,
    I enjoyed your story so much … “Where Time Stands Still”. My husband and I purchased our camp on Lake Panache in 2003, so we don’t have nearly the time spent or years of memories that you and your family have, but we certainly have a similar love for the lake. We look forward to making memories with and for our grandchildren, who are just babes and a toddler.
    We are lucky to have been able to share some Panache time with our daughters back in the 80s as well as my in-laws lived on the lake for close to a decade.
    I started a Facebook group for cottages, campers and friends of Panache. Perhaps you will join us there!? (I sent you a link on your FB page)
    Great story! I look forward to more.
    Debb Pero

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